Remembering TV nights with my mom

Today, my mom would have turned 56.

My mom was one of my heroes, my best friend and my TV buddy.

We loved to watch Game Show Network, Disney Channel and “Desperate Housewives” together.

That night, before she went to sleep and never woke up, she came to my room and asked if I wanted to watch “Housewives.” It was a Sunday night.

It was March 6, 2011, and I was busy in my room, wrapping up Oscars coverage for the season, after returning from Hollywood earlier in the week.

That may have been the last interaction I had with her.

I remember that night like it was yesterday. Her fingers on my slightly opened door, peeking her head into my cramped quarters.

That smile on her face.

Maybe I should have joined her for one last TV binge.

A year or two later, I would find a photo on my phone from that night — the last meal she made.

It was nothing special: chicken with noodles.

My mom never had a penchant for making fine cuisine.

As a divorced working mom raising two kids and going back to school for her MBA, she didn’t spend time creating fanciful meals in the kitchen.

But that’s okay with me. That meant more TV time with me and the cats.

On this day, I remember my best friend. I mourn her lose everyday with my sister. But we remember the good times.

I’ll always remember the time we spent in front of the television.

To this day, when I watch a good episode from a TV show, I want to tell my mom about it.

Maybe she’s already seen it up in heaven.

Happy Birthday, Mom!


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