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A role model in news

In Memoriam Peter Jennings 1938-2005 ABC News reporter Charles Gibson came on in the special report saying: “And it is with a profound sadness and true sorrow that I report to you Peter Jennings has died tonight of lung cancer.” Tears begin welling up in my eyes as I watch. He is the reason I watch and count on ABC News to stay informed. The quality of news at the network is a result of his constant push for excellence and real news. In recent days, I have been waiting with baited breath for Mr. Jennings to return to the anchor desk. Unfortunately, my wish – along with the wishes of countless viewers and colleagues – will not be granted. Peter Jennings was my role model, inspiration. He is one of the reasons why I love journalism. Whether it was breaking news or a scheduled newscast, the way he informed was poetic, simply beautiful. “Peter did it all,” Mr. Gibson described. “He reported from every corner of the globe. No one in this business understood events overseas better than Peter

The wonders of the Web

Who loves the web? I do.   Where else could you post your thoughts and comments for free, with little to no work?   Ahhhh....

A Neighbor’s Visit

Today, around 5:00pm EDT, I was sitting on the computer browsing the net and there was a knock at the door. I open it to find Mrs. Fox (whose name I did not know at the time), a cheerful, friendly, and dainty neighbor from across the street. I had never formally met her before. She said that she saw the “graduated” sign in the front yard and was here to drop off a card, congratulating and wishing me well in life and the future. “I was going to drop it off earlier, but I didn’t have the chance.” We talked about my future endeavors, and her quip: “The world does need good journalists,” smiling all the while. The card was a Hallmark nonetheless, which said, “A wonderful life is waiting for you, Grad! Be Happy!” preceded by other messages on the front, and signed by my kind neighbors, Mr. & Mrs. Fox. (To note: I graduated from a semi-known college prep school in Toledo, Ohio, known for excellence. I’m thinking Mr. Fox is somewhat tied to the school.) I am surprised more and

A Motion Picture Reflection

On Saturday (02.05), I went to see Hotel Rwanda . It is now one of my favorites of 2004 (even though I saw it in 2005, it came out in December). This motion picture really put a face on war and really showed me how War is Hell. In one of my religion classes last semester, we talked about how War is Hell and one really cannot truly know what it is like by simply talking about it. One must experience it, either through firsthand account or by someone telling you about war or showing you. Hotel Rwanda does this. It takes its audience to another level. Here is the synopsis of the film: The Rwandan conflict of the 1990s marked one of the bloodiest chapters in recent African history. The genocide was made all the more tragic by the fact that most of the world chose to ignore the conflict and the plight of the Rwandan people. While occasional reports about "tribal warfare" in Rwanda were carried by international news agencies, the horror of the conflict, instead of causing in