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A Motion Picture Reflection

On Saturday (02.05), I went to see Hotel Rwanda . It is now one of my favorites of 2004 (even though I saw it in 2005, it came out in December). This motion picture really put a face on war and really showed me how War is Hell. In one of my religion classes last semester, we talked about how War is Hell and one really cannot truly know what it is like by simply talking about it. One must experience it, either through firsthand account or by someone telling you about war or showing you. Hotel Rwanda does this. It takes its audience to another level. Here is the synopsis of the film: The Rwandan conflict of the 1990s marked one of the bloodiest chapters in recent African history. The genocide was made all the more tragic by the fact that most of the world chose to ignore the conflict and the plight of the Rwandan people. While occasional reports about "tribal warfare" in Rwanda were carried by international news agencies, the horror of the conflict, instead of causing in