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A Renewed Interest in Blogging

This blog was started – I admit – for the simple sake of blogging. However, it became more than just a Web log. Some events I saw happen or experienced seemed worth sharing, but I never felt there was a true message of the blog. The first post was February 07, 2005, when I spoke about the movie “Hotel Rwanda.” A few months later I discussed a neighbor who made me smile. Since 2005, I never posted regularly, just whenever I felt compelled to share my thoughts. Starting in June, this blog will be changed. Into what exactly? I have yet to figure that out, but it will focus more and more on thoughts I read about in the media and the media in general. I would like to take a look at journalism design – an interest of mine – and interesting news items or Web sites I find. If you – the reader of this blog – have any suggestions, I’m all ears. See you in June :) ///////////