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The wonders of the Web

Who loves the web? I do.   Where else could you post your thoughts and comments for free, with little to no work?   Ahhhh....

A Neighbor’s Visit

Today, around 5:00pm EDT, I was sitting on the computer browsing the net and there was a knock at the door. I open it to find Mrs. Fox (whose name I did not know at the time), a cheerful, friendly, and dainty neighbor from across the street. I had never formally met her before. She said that she saw the “graduated” sign in the front yard and was here to drop off a card, congratulating and wishing me well in life and the future. “I was going to drop it off earlier, but I didn’t have the chance.” We talked about my future endeavors, and her quip: “The world does need good journalists,” smiling all the while. The card was a Hallmark nonetheless, which said, “A wonderful life is waiting for you, Grad! Be Happy!” preceded by other messages on the front, and signed by my kind neighbors, Mr. & Mrs. Fox. (To note: I graduated from a semi-known college prep school in Toledo, Ohio, known for excellence. I’m thinking Mr. Fox is somewhat tied to the school.) I am surprised more and