A Neighbor’s Visit

Today, around 5:00pm EDT, I was sitting on the computer browsing the net and there was a knock at the door. I open it to find Mrs. Fox (whose name I did not know at the time), a cheerful, friendly, and dainty neighbor from across the street. I had never formally met her before.

She said that she saw the “graduated” sign in the front yard and was here to drop off a card, congratulating and wishing me well in life and the future. “I was going to drop it off earlier, but I didn’t have the chance.” We talked about my future endeavors, and her quip: “The world does need good journalists,” smiling all the while.

The card was a Hallmark nonetheless, which said, “A wonderful life is waiting for you, Grad! Be Happy!” preceded by other messages on the front, and signed by my kind neighbors, Mr. & Mrs. Fox.

(To note: I graduated from a semi-known college prep school in Toledo, Ohio, known for excellence. I’m thinking Mr. Fox is somewhat tied to the school.)

I am surprised more and more everyday to how wonderful our world can be and how many kind-hearted, touching people inhabit this universally quaint earth. These wondrous thoughts bring me much jollity, and they bring me tears simultaneously.

We are all so blessed to be on this earth, to be here, when time is good and science is grand and can help us live better and longer lives.
To think of the small things in life that make you so happy: the sun rising, the stars twinkling, and a neighbor walking across the seemingly small street to show jubilation.


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