The Mirror

Friday afternoon I was listening to music at my dad’s house in the living when I looked at the large buffet mirror about 10 feet away. I stared into the mirror and back at myself and at that moment I realized – or rather reminded myself – that time is a fleeting entity of my life. I am now a junior in college (50 percent done), at a paid internship (getting ready for the workforce) and about to study abroad (something I’ve dreamed about for years now). In short: I’m growing up and my dreams are becoming a reality.

This moment, however, was truly realized about eight hours later (a few minutes ago) when I was getting something out of the living room and briefly glanced into the mirror again, from the same spot as before. I proceeded to walk towards the kitchen when I stopped and continued to look into the mirror. “Wow. I really am growing up,” I thought to myself. In 12 hours, I had stopped to notice time passing. Things had changed since yesterday afternoon. The sun had set and I had a sweater on. Events happened. I learned a few things. I also “wasted” some of that time, which is quite normal during summer break.

The point I guess I’m trying to make is that time is so important and especially are the events that happen along the way. I found myself looking back at my electronic calendar in Outlook to see what appointments I made earlier this year and also add a few I never put in. It might seem odd, but one way I like to remember events is my life or what I did is to enter them onto this calendar. That way I can go back and check where I was when.

It may seem odd but that’s just me. Does anyone else just stare into a mirror or at a calendar and reminisce? Or once in a while, does anyone else think about the concept of time and its fleeting nature? I do. And if you ever want to talk about it, let me know. It would be a good event to put into my calendar.


  1. are you going to be posting more now that it is summer? I think that would be a good idea.

  2. I've experienced the same thing before. Additionally, I remember one time in particular where I was standing in front of a mirror and at a certain point was unable to to recognize the reflection. I honestly couldn't recognize myself...which was kind of cool because it was a weird out-of-body experience...but I was able to learn a lot about myself. Or maybe I'm just weird.


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