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We're (almost) halfway there

Wednesday marks my halfway point here in Chautauqua, N.Y. It's been a quick journey to this point, which I can attribute to great friends, amazing events and a beautiful campus at work. Pictured above is the Chautauqua Belle coming into port to pick up more passengers. I'm enjoying a day off of work on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon. I hope to write more in the days to come, an update of my journey so far. I also plan to upload beaucoup photos from my adventures in Chautauqua on Facebook. Until then, go outside and enjoy the cool summer breeze and soak up the warm rays of sun.

My review: ‘Half-Blood Prince’

The latest film in the series following a bespectacled – and now angst-ridden – teenager, “ Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ” is good. I desperately want to write amazing, awesome and stupendous, but the David Yates-directed film does not quite measure up to those descriptors. And it does not top “Prisoner of Azkaban” or “Order of the Phoenix.” But this review is not all doom and gloom. “Half-Blood Prince” has many redeeming qualities . I saw the movie twice at sold out shows because I enjoyed it so much. First among the redeeming qualities are the special effects , which are breathtaking from the opening to final scene. The Death Eaters are brilliantly portrayed as menacing, black clouds of smoke traveling to their next victim. The Pensieve seamlessly and exquisitely transports Harry and Hogwarts head Dumbledore to memories from long ago. Quidditch returns for some good fun. And the exterior shots of Hogwarts befuddle me because they are so enchanting. Probably the best qualit

Hoping for a "sunny day"

Sesame Workshop CEO Gary Knell was on the grounds today for the morning lecture, during which Muppet Rosita  interrupted and had a very adorable conversation with Knell.  Take a look: I'll have more on the first official week of Chautauqua Institution and all the goings-on here later today.

New photos from Chautauqua

I have some new photos I've posted on Facebook, from Chautauqua. Click here to view them. A recap of week two coming tomorrow.