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A great ad campaign

The recent free coffee on Election Day Starbucks ad , which I saw during last weekend's "Saturday Night Live," is simply brilliant and brilliantly simple. Because I started SNL a little late, I could have fast forwarded through the commercial but I noticed it and watched it; I was intrigued. I was not sure who the advertiser was but I loved the text and use of movement. Take a look: Now read the text again: What if we all cared enough to vote? Not just 54% of us, but 100% of us? What if we cared as much on Nov. 5th as we care on Nov. 4th? What if we cared all of the time the way we care some of the time? What if we cared when it was inconvenient as much as we care when its convenient? Would your community be a better place? Would our country be a better place? Would our world be a better place? We think so, too. If you care enough to vote, we care enough to give you a free cup of coffee Come into Starbucks on Nov. 4th. Tell us you voted, and we'll PROUDLY give you a