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My predictions: Golden Globe Awards 2011 (updated)

Originally posted on The Gold Knight Blog It's time for bacchanalian party of the year: the Golden Globe Awards. Ricky Gervais is the ringleader for the second year of an evening where celebrities eat and, notably, drink — an awards show without the required gravitas. Last year Gervais was the first host in 15 years for the show by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Here are my predictions ( marked in blue and winners highlighted ** ) for the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards . Enjoy and feel free to leave comments. Josh Duhamel, Katie Holmes and Blair Underwood announced the noms in December . "The King's Speech" received seven nominations, "The Fighter" and "The Social Network" six.

My new adventure: The Gold Knight Blog

I love the Oscars. I wear that on my sleeves. Over the last two years, I've used this blog, Rethink., as a place for covering the Academy Awards. Last fall, I decided that I needed a better (and more marketable) place for doing so. And thus was born The Gold Knight blog . Over the course of the last few months, I've really taken off with my new blog. I have multiple correspondents — some of whom are close friends. I write a column for Toledo Free Press Star . I applied for Oscar Sunday press credentials and, while I did not get them, I have made some inroads with the Academy. I am very proud of where I have been thus far and am exciting about where I am going. I'll be in Los Angeles for the Oscars this year. While I might not have full access, I have a few (legal) tricks up my sleeve. To all my friends, thank you for all of the support and I appreciate your help and guidance.