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The ‘Lady’ to See

Lady in the Water is simply beautiful. When I first heard word of the film back in November 2005, I was automatically anticipating this summer flick. However, it is by no means your average film. From the creative genius that is M. Night Shyamalan, Lady in the Water brings a twist to the bedtime story we know and love. Though, I probably shouldn’t use the term “twist” and Shyamalan together for this movie. The writer-actor-director is known for his shocking plot changes towards the end of the film which ultimately help explain the entire feature; however, he neither employs this ending nor does he expect audiences to anticipate it. This, I believe, is one of the reasons why film critics across America do not appreciate this film. Movie critics, like the one ironically portrayed in the film, know plots and cannot get around Lady ’s basic simplicity. A heart, even with Shyamalan’s added complexity, the film is a fairytale, a bedtime story. The teaser trailer and poster from the beginni

Stalking the Emotions

Currently, I have been using my journalistic ability to stalk my friends around the Internet. It's not a bad thing, really. I find people I know and learn about their lives. Two and a half weeks ago, I started my first summer internship at a local television affiliate (I would give details, but I myself don't like to give too many in case someone might be stalking me). I was looking at my usual Web site when I spotted someone whom I know. Next thing I know I’m reading a Web log (“blog”) by one of my colleagues at the affiliate. I read for about half an hour. The details. The photographs. The emotion. I felt as if I was reading a journal. And then I realized that my colleague – I would call him a friend but I have only known him a short time and do not believe we have befriended one another – is pouring out his soul and feelings while typing . Expressing emotion with others has always been something that is hard for me, but I do believe sometimes expressing what is inside you ca