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Studying in France - Les Devoirs

I just wanted to announce a new Web site that I will be dedicating myself to for the next four months. I will be studying abroad in Lille, France, until the end of the year and have created a site to tell about my experiences. Some people do different things to inform their friends and family about their semesters abroad - there are blogs, journals, video entries on YouTube, picture postings on Facebook, e-mail and even snail mail (normally via postcards). I can announce I will probably use all of them. BUT the one which will be updated the most will be my special Web site I created. I wanted to be unique, creating something different so here you have it: . It is a site set up like a newspaper, called "Les Devoirs" (meaning homework in French). I thought it was an appropriate title, and not too long either. With that said, I hope to blog more this year and can just tell you to check back now and again. Au revoir! A bientot!

‘High School’

So this past weekend was amazing. The anticipation had been building for months for all of us Disney-philes (you just don’t have to be a 10-year-old to enjoy this stuff!). It was time to see what the East High Wildcats were up to; Friday night was the premiere of High School Musical 2 on Disney Channel, accompanied by an entire weekend of showings. The sequel, I have to say, is refreshing. It’s much better than the original; HSM2 is also more original than the original. The first movie finds a group of high schoolers in a similar situation as the classic musical Grease and the movie version featuring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John (and Grease is a updated retelling of the classic Romeo & Juliet ). The numbers in the first were well-done, but the plot was a little too cheesy and trying for me, which only added to the fact that the lead character’s voice (Zac Efron’s Troy Bolton) was dubbed over and instead, Canadian Andrew Seeley sang the parts. (This is a little annoyi

Harry Potter

I sit here typing moments after finishing the final Harry Potter book, delayed, I know, but finished nonetheless. I didn’t want the book to end, the adventures to come to a close. While it is early Friday morning, almost two weeks since the book’s release, I find myself teary-eyed and not ready to sleep, but to reminisce – for finishing the book has given me a renewed shot of adrenaline. Don’t worry, my post will remain spoiler-free for all those (like me hours earlier) who have not completed their adventures with the bespectacled, lightning-scarred wizard. The end of the book – to be brief – was amazing and everything I hoped it would be. But I won’t be focusing on the end, but the journey, which had held us all captors for some ten years now – and will continue as the two more movies debut and the stories are re-read and passed down generations. This is what I want to look at. The book’s legacy. J.K. Rowling , admittedly, will never be able to top Harry Potter. But who would want to,