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The Underdog

The extreme makeover of the software is something that makes me want to stick with my choice to choose the Microsoft competitor to the iPod. Microsoft’s Zune has a long way to come before getting anywhere near its much sought after rival, Apple’s iPod. Granted that, I think it’s still an underdog worth fighting for… Well, maybe not fighting for, exactly; more like discussing. Last week, Microsoft launched version 2.0 of its Zune line, along with a much-needed update to its music software, called Zune Marketplace – think iTunes. Both are very impressive, especially the latter, which now boasts the ability to download podcasts and music videos, somewhat of an old idea for Apple. Why be so interested in something that’s not an iPod? I really don’t have a good answer. Maybe it’s the somewhat monopoly Apple has created on its amazing MP3 player line and I want any reason to jump ship and join something new, something that has potential (although I don’t even know if I was truly on the ship