'Talent' update: Voting Percentages

As promised in Monday's post, here are the percentage breakdown figures for the public voting on the "Britain's Got Talent" finale, in order of highest percentage:
Act % of vote in SF Diversity 24.9% Susan Boyle 20.2%
Julian Smith 16.4% Stavros Flatley 16.3%
Aidan Davis 6.5%
Hollie Steel 3.9%
Shaheen Jafargholi 3.8%
Flawless 3.6%
Shaun Smith 3.4%
2 Grand 1%

It looks like Susan Boyle did not lose by too much. Doing a simple calculation, based on the reported approximately 4 million votes, Diversity received around 996,000 votes; Ms. Boyle received around 808,000 - a difference of 188,000 votes. The difference between Julian Smith and Stavros Flatley, however, is VERY CLOSE: approximately 4,000 votes, according to my estimates.

Well, that's it from me and "Britain's Got Talent." I wonder how the producers will top this amazing season next year... Remember, "America's Got Talent" premieres Tuesday, June 23 on NBC.

Image: Screen grab of finale


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